Due to the lockdown enforced by the entire country due to the spread of dreaded pandemic COVID-19, most of us took a step back from the usual routine. It might sound relaxing working from your bed. In reality, sticking to it increases productivity and aids in the betterment of your mental and physical health. What’s […]

There are several social media platforms. Each of them caters to a different type of user. When it comes to social media, every business has different opportunities to Utilize. On that account, to find success with your social media strategy, you need a clear understanding of how users communicate on different social media platforms. You […]

Self Motivation is a fire within us. If someone else attempts to light that fire, it’ll burn briefly.  Motivation is basically of two types. Intrinsic: It is the kind of motivation that comes within us. Extrinsic: It is the kind of motivation that’s derived from the external source. Hence motivation can be described as the […]

It’s very likely for anyone who uses eLearning to tell how helpful and convenient it is. In today’s fast-moving world it offers lots of benefits to both learners and organizations. The popularity of eLearning skyrocketed in the last few decades be it for a beginner or a pro. For employers, its a convenient way to […]

Leadership skills are crucial skills next to time management skill. A good leader can take the organisation to greater heights. To become a great leader, there are a lot of soft skills needed that inspires others to work.  Leaders become great not because of their power but their ability to empower others. Listed below are […]