There are several social media platforms. Each of them caters to a different type of user. When it comes to social media, every business has different opportunities to Utilize. On that account, to find success with your social media strategy, you need a clear understanding of how users communicate on different social media platforms. You can use the same subject matter but make sure you post the content that reflects each social channel’s style of communication. 

  • Facebook

Social Media

Facebook is the largest of all the social media platforms with 1.5 billion users and over 30 million business pages. In today’s generation, almost everyone has got a Facebook account to stay in touch with their friends and family. You can post your feelings and thoughts over here. It’s a 2-way channel that enhances interaction through Like, Share and Comment. The business pages help the business to reach their target audience through different types of advertisement.

  • Instagram

Instagram lets anyone of you become a photographer. It’s a trendy and cool platform that enables you to upload pictures. You can also edit the pictures, enhance its colours or even add filters to the images. It helps the business showcase their products.

  • Twitter

Twitter is known as the journalist of all the social media platforms. You can find real-time news updates literally every second. The character count of a tweet is 140 characters. Hence the best policy for the content posted on Twitter is “Short and Sweet”. Twitter also invented #Hashtag in 2001. Hashtag is a way to group information on the same topic together.

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is basically Facebook for professionals. Here professionals create their profiles which basically is like an online resume where you highlight your skills and achievement and call them +Endorsements. It is also a powerful networking tool for professionals, business and aspiring professionals. If you consider yourself in a “Career” set up a LinkedIn profile and start connecting with people.

  • YouTube

Social Media

YouTube is the biggest video-based social media platform. You can stream any kind of video that your business does on YouTube. These videos can also be integrated with your website or share of different social media platforms. Your business has a promo video of the new product then YouTube is the best platform to upload those videos. It has the benefits of SEO too.

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