Self Motivation is a fire within us. If someone else attempts to light that fire, it’ll burn briefly. 

Motivation is basically of two types.

  • Intrinsic: It is the kind of motivation that comes within us.
  • Extrinsic: It is the kind of motivation that’s derived from the external source.

Hence motivation can be described as the reason by which a person behaves in a particular manner. The idea has to be extremely strong. In other words, motivation is a state of mind which utilized rightly will take you to the heights that you never dreamt of.

Here are some of the simple steps that’ll help you stay motivated all the time

  • Goal Setting

Setting a goal for yourself is scientifically proven methods to stay motivated. Although the purposes have to be realistic and achievable. Set a time limit by which you wish to achieve your goals.

There are three types of goals.

  • Short term goals: Goals that take a short period say for a week or a month to achieve are usually short term goals
  • Midterm goals: Goals that generally take a year or two to complete are the midterm 
  • Long term goals: Goals that typically take five to ten years or even more are considered to be long term goals.
  • Money

As hard as it might seem, but money is an essential factor in staying motivated. We aren’t speaking of millions or trillions, but having a sufficient amount of money to lead a decent life is a huge motivation. You can start by saving little portions of our income every day or every month.

Self Motivation

  • Stay with positive people.

Usually, people with a positive mindset and a positive attitude are the best motivators. They will always try to uplift your mind regardless of your situation. Even if you’re feeling low and down, talking to positive-minded people will motivate you. Further, when you encounter such negative thoughts, talk to someone with full of positivity to motivate yourself.

  • Use mistakes as experience.

To err is human. 

Learning from mistakes is what makes a person special. We all are prone to make mistakes, but that’s not the end of the world. Most of us tend to lose motivation when things don’t go as planned, or the desired results aren’t forthcoming.

  • Choose to be happy

This might sound weird to someone who’s encountering worst situation. However, its worth to remember that the bad time passes and eventually vanishes. Neither motivation nor worrying about something will help you solve your troubles. You can maintain your motivation with a thought that every problem is temporary.

Its worth to remember that we all lose motivation at some point in our life, and it’s perfectly normal. There’s nothing to worry about it. Analyzing the reason and finding ways to counter it works miracles. Lack of self-motivation if not addressed will lead to mental illness.


How do you stay motivated? Let us know in the comments below!

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