Due to the lockdown enforced by the entire country due to the spread of dreaded pandemic COVID-19, most of us took a step back from the usual routine. It might sound relaxing working from your bed. In reality, sticking to it increases productivity and aids in the betterment of your mental and physical health.

What’s a routine?

A routine is a series of tasks performed repeatedly in our daily life. It provides a structure and discipline to your life. Many people do not set a daily routine and swing their day, having no idea what to do next because they don’t stick to a schedule. As a result, they feel stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, falling short of their goals and true potential. The success lies in designing a routine that works for both your personal and professional life to gain maximum productivity. 

Why is it essential to have a routine?


Having a routine gives you a direction to move forward, analyze your productivity, work on your shortcomings and save a lot of time. It gives you freedom, happiness, fulfilling and be able to show your true potential. 

Here are the top 5 reasons why following a routine is essential:

  1. It makes you more efficient as you already planned all your tasks for the day and didn’t have to think much about what comes next. As a result, the tasks become standardized and more efficient.
  2. It reduces the need to plan every morning as you have planned a set of rules to follow and execute your routine. So now you need to wake up and do instead of wake up and plan.
  3. It provides a logical sequence to your life. A framework with which you can live and execute your life. Soon you become familiar and comfortable with how your day has to go. 
  4. Following a routine instils good habits. Repetition is the secret to building good habits. Sticking to a routine helps you to foster good habits that match your goals and aspiration. 
  5. It reduces the need to procrastinate your tasks. The beauty of a plan lies in prioritizing the work on the basis of what’s more important. Since you follow it, you already know what to do and in what order to do because we have carefully designed it.

So why don’t you design and try it for yourself during this lockdown? I’m damn sure you’ll find a lot of time to relax and enjoy while you still complete all your tasks.

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