Let’s see what’s the difference between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing, How it can affect any company’s growth and which among them is a better option. What’s Digital Marketing? Well, in lame terms, Digital Marketing is using the digital platform such as website, social media as a tool for marketing communication. What’s Traditional Marketing? Well, […]

You might have noticed changes in your mental health now that you started work from home. Do you feel stressed out though you don’t have to commute? Are you fighting the battle of isolation though you can work flexibly? Work from home jobs can be challenging your mental health. It can turn usually optimistic, productive […]

Have you ever thought How your lives are going to change after the extended lockdown ends? Do you think you can still hang out with your peers the way you used to? Can you again sneak out of your classes and go to a movie? Can you ever shake hands with a stranger without thinking […]

In today’s world of opportunities, applying for a job with a neatly formatted resume is the main thing to do. A resume is something that helps the employer to judge the employee even before they meet them. It reflects everything you’ve done to date both professional and educational. If you can make the first impression […]

We all have an interest in more than one career at a time, and it’s completely normal. We all have dreams of switching from one career path to another. The reason behind this is, you might have a job that’s different from your passion. There’ll always be a conflict when you’re stuck in this kind […]