We are in the contemporary world where technology is unstoppable. You have money; someone will try to steal it. You have data; cybercriminals will try to steal it. As everything’s turning digital these days, the amount of data to secure increased rapidly. NASSCOM predicts that India needs 1 million cyber security experts by 2020 and the demand for it keeps growing in both the government and the corporate sectors as we develop in the future.

As the technological transformation takes place across all the industries, there’s a need to protect the digital asset from data breaches making the companies ultimately secure becoming challenging than ever. The demand for cybersecurity professionals increased in all the sectors due to the abnormal increase in the cyber-attacks. To fight these security attacks, it has become crucial to train an adequate number of professionals in order to fill the skill gap by 2020.

Here are the top cybersecurity jobs roles that are seeing a sharp increase in the pay


  • Cyber Security Intern

The cyber security interns are the ones who work in the mini projects and gets to implement their theoretical knowledge into practice. They work performing various operations services like incident/event analysis, forensic investigation, security monitoring.

The average stipend of the Cyber Security Inters ranges from 10,000 per month to 25,000 per month


  • Penetration Tester

The penetration tester can be an entry-level job if you have the right skills for it. The penetration testers are the ones who find the bugs and vulnerabilities in the websites, android applications, iOS applications, networks and many more. They test to secure it from the attackers. They also provide the patch techniques to the bugs and vulnerabilities spotted.

The average salary of the Penetration Testers ranges from 6 lakhs to 18 lakhs per annum


  • Network Security Engineer

The network security engineer is a critical position in every organisation. This role can also be an entry-level job for the right skilled person. This person ensures that the security systems are implemented in the organisation to counter and stop In case any threats. The primary responsibilities include maintaining systems, identifying vulnerabilities and improving the automation.

The average salary of a Network Security Engineer ranges from 4 lakhs to 8 lakhs per annum


  • Cyber Security Analyst

A cyber security analyst can be an entry-level job for the right skilled person. These people are responsible for planning, implementing and upgrading security measures and controls. They continuously monitor security access and perform internal and external security audits to make sure there are no loopholes or security lapses. They are also responsible for conducting vulnerability testing, risk analysis, security assessments for managing the network. In addition to these tasks, the analysts also train the employees in security awareness, so they are aware of the best practices to be followed to avoid security breaches.

The salary of a Cyber Security Analyst starts from 6 lakhs per annum.


  • Security Architect

To become a Security Architect, it requires an experience of 3-5 years in the field of cyber security. A security architect plays a vital role in designing the network and computer security architecture for the company. They help in planning, researching and designing the security elements. The security architects first create a design based on the company needs and then works with the programming team to develop the final structure. They also form the security policy and procedure of the company.

The average salary of a Security Architect starts from 17 lakhs per annum


  • Cyber Security Manager

To become a cyber security manager, you must have at least 5years to 7 years experience in the cyber security field. The cyber security managers are responsible for the maintenance of the security protocol in the entire organisation. They create strategies related to different projects to increase network and internet security. They also review the security policies and update them according to the recent security threats. A Cyber Security Manager also performs regular checks on all the devices in the organisation to make sure there are no breaches in the security.

The average salary of the Cyber Security Manager starts from 12 lakhs per annum


  • Chief Information Security Officer

To become a CISO, you need to have at least 10+ years of experience working in the Cyber Security field. According to the reports, there are over 80% of the companies who has CISO on the team. This shows a trend where the companies are aware of the threats in the cybercrime and the potential damage an attack can cause. The CISO is the highest level when it comes to security. They ensure that the cyber security plan is aligned with the company’s vision, operations and technologies. The CISO works with the team to identify, maintain, develop and implement in such a way that there are no security breaches in the organisation. They respond to the incident and set up standards and controls to mitigate security threats without disturbing the business. They are also responsible for overseeing the security policies in the organisation.

The average salary for a top CISO ranges from 2 crores to 4 crores per annum


These are the top cyber security jobs in India that’ll be trending in 2020. Plenty of other roles that exist like the information risk auditors, data hostage analyst, firewall, security device development professionals, intrusion detection specialist, cryptologist, and many more goes unfilled due to the unskilled people. So if you’re still doubting about pursuing your career in cyber security now is the time to start. If you already are seeking, Kudos you have lots of options to explore in the upcoming year.


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