It might sound ironic but yes, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Twitter account was hacked.

The Co-Founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Twitter, Jack Dorsey had to face an embarrassment as his account was hacked by the hackers named the chuckling squad.

Random tweets and posts were posted from Jack’s account. A series of offensive tweets, racist comments, praise for Fuhrer Hitler and bomb at the twitter headquarters were posted. The hackers named themselves the Chuckling squad. They even shared the link to the discord server where the hackers were bragging about the hack just before the attack taking place.

Twitter later confirmed that they regained the control of the account within 30 minutes and quashed the bomb threat. Later that evening the team came out with the statement blaming Dorsey’s mobile phone company for this attack. As the company let an unauthorized person tweet via text message.

How did this happen???

According to the description, the attack appears to be a sim swap attack. the telecommunication network issue sim cards as identity cards to their users by . Sim Swap happens when the hacker could convince the telecom to switch a particular phone number to a different sim card. This usually happens by tricking the low-level employees or by bribing them.

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But this is not exactly that happen in this attack. Cyber security researcher Kevin Beaumont said that the account seems to be attacked by a third party called Cloudhopper which twitter gained 10 years ago. Cloudhopper allows users to tweet through messages. It had access to Jack’s account which made easy for the attackers to tweet through text messages.

This incident raised concerns about how social media user’s, even the prominent ones can be hacked and used for misinformation.

The fact that the platform’s owner took 30 minutes to regain control is perplexing. This incident makes us think twice about our account safety. This is not the first time for the CEO of a Company to suffer an attack. Back in 2016, another hacking group known as OurMine security hacked celebrities like Mark Zuckerberg, Sunder Pichai including Dorsey and Travis Kalanick.

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