Let’s see what’s the difference between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing, How it can affect any company’s growth and which among them is a better option.

What’s Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing

Well, in lame terms, Digital Marketing is using the digital platform such as website, social media as a tool for marketing communication.

What’s Traditional Marketing?

Well, Traditional Marketing, on the other hand, uses traditional channel like the billboards, flyers, printed media as a tool for marketing communication.

Up until the internet was developed, traditional marketing was pretty much the only kind of marketing.

Difference between Traditional and Digital Marketing

The main difference between traditional and digital marketing is the medium that’s used to encounter their audience. For example, Traditional Marketing uses printed medium like magazines, newspapers, billboards etc. as a means for marketing communication. Whereas Digital Marketing uses social media or the website as platforms for marketing.

Besides, Traditional Marketing doesn’t mean its old fashioned, It’s still widely used. It still has an essential role in people’s lives with a constant need to step out of the digital world.

In the same way, digital marketing is just as crucial as traditional if not even more so. It uses every touchpoint of your daily use of the internet to reach you.

Everyone’s using the internet for many hours each day as a routine in their day to day life. Digital marketing takes advantage of this cleverly by knitting in marketing communications into all the digital platforms.

Pros and Cons of Traditional Marketing

  • Impactful and easy to understand
  • Printed marketing materials are more permanent.
  • More memorable
  • More difficult to measure campaigns
  • Often expensive
  • No direct interaction with the consumer

Pros and Cons of Digital Marketing

  • More options for engagement
  • Easy to measure your campaigns
  • Makes clever targeting possible
  • Digital ads sometimes are annoying.
  • Less permanent
  • Constantly evolves

Find what works for you

Eventually, both types of marketing have their benefits and downfalls. Still, the key is understanding your specific marketing needs, considering your budget and understanding your target audience.

Moral of this story: As long as you know what your audience wants both traditional and digital marketing can work for you.

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