The concentration span of the brain varies from person to person. It’s impossible to train your brain to follow some other’s learning ways and expect the same results. At some point in life, we all struggled to try and make learning exciting and fascinating. Some succeeded, some didn’t. There might be ways to boost your learning abilities.

Here are seven tips that’ll boost your learning abilities and help you score excellent results.

  • Prepare your own study notes

Boost Learning Abilities by making your own notes

It might sound frustrating, but, preparing your own notes is one of the best ways to learn. When you make your notes, you actually go through all the points and pick out what you find exciting or highlight just the key points that’ll summarize the whole. These notes help you to revise during the last moments. Use attractive colour pens so that the view gets registered in your brain. You can recall the points through the colours you used.

  • Create a plan that works for you


You all know when you walk into an exam hall without complete preparation, you get a sick feeling. Well, we all have gone through this feeling one time or the other in our education phase. To avoid this kind of unprepared circumstances, make a plan and stick to it. Everyone needs good results, and everyone’s ready to put the efforts, but the efforts shouldn’t be wasted. Make a plan in such a way that you will achieve maximum results.

  • Take breaks regularly

Boost Learning Abilities by taking Breaks

Breaks help a lot more than what you think. Taking breaks regularly helps your mind refresh and that 5 – 10 minutes will also help your muscles to stretch. Have some water take a walk to feel the fresh air. It just helps your mind to focus and refresh a bit so that you can come back sharper and more precise. Overloading your brain without breaks in between will make your mind all worked up, and you’ll end up forgetting everything you learnt. 

  • Revise everything

Once complete a concept, or you’re back from your break, make sure you go through your notes, key points and highlights just to make sure that you’re perfect with the concept. Now you’ll feel more confident than ever because you remember the chapters and you made sure of it. 

  • Use mnemonics

Boost Learning Abilities with Mnemonics

Mnemonics are words or phrases that’ll help in memory retention and retrieval. For example, the colours in the rainbow in an order can be remembered through VIBGYOR. Similar kind of words or phrases can be used to remember the subtopics easily. 

  • Always have a study partner.

Boost Learning abilities with Study Partner

Having a study partner doesn’t mean physically, a phone call away study partner will do the trick too. You should always have a go-to person when you require help with some concepts. Studying alone might be annoying. So have a study partner to explain all the topics you learnt to each other, which will help you to understand better. It’s healthy to have a different point of view to draw a conclusion.

  • Relate to your surroundings

Everything in the universe is connected to everything else. 

Whenever you learn something new, try to relate that idea with a real-time example. This way, you will have a much better understanding of how this concept will help you in real-life implementation. If its something you do in your day to day life, you can actually remember it and never forget.

Few things to keep in mind to boost your learning during some exams is that you need to get enough sleep, stay hydrated, and eat healthy food all these will reflect on your mind during the exam. All the best! Happy Learning!

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