The Career skills you learn during the quarantine will make you more hirable. We all know that this will be over one day, and the world will start spinning again. When this happens, you must be ready for your new job or the promotion that you were waiting for. Quarantine is the best time to get yourself prepared to take advantage of the upcoming opportunities. Here are some life-changing career skills that’ll help you in the near future.

  • Time Management Skill

Time Management is the king of all the skills. Once you learn to master the time, success will follow. It usually takes years to master time, but it takes only a few days to make a routine. Check Tips to improve Time Management for more information.

  • Language

Learning a new language fluently will add massive value to your resume. You don’t necessarily need to have native fluency. But when you visit a different place speaking in the local language is always appreciated. You can check Why Communication Skill is essential ? for more information.

  • Coding

Career Skills

In today’s generation, where technology rules the world, learning coding will be an excellent choice for your career. In case this pandemic has made you think about the transition to a remote job, then coding would help you. Coding is one of those skills which can increase in demand with the coming future. In fact, in many countries, if you check the Skill Shortage list, you’ll find a lot of openings for Web Developers, IT Security professionals, programmers. If you’re someone who is zero in coding, then you can start with basics like HTML, CSS, Ethical Hacking, Python. You can find these courses on Cosmic Skills.

  • Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a particular skill like IT skills, rapidly increasing in demand. Every business/ company, irrespective of the scale requires marketing. What better in the digital world than digital marketing. You can offer your crucial knowledge to improve any business, including your own if you’re an Entrepreneur.

  • Problem Solving and Decision Making

Career Skills

The bottom line for every employer to hire you is to solve a particular problem. There’s a lot of stress when there’s a mismatch with the problem and the solution. In other words, There’s a lot of chaos when the wrong person is hired to based on the qualification. But in the end, it doesn’t matter unless you’re able to solve the given problem and make the right decisions. Hence, problem-solving and decision making is always a valuable skill.

  • Leadership

Career Skills

Leadership is one such skill unlike others will help you in many aspects. This requires a special skill set to master. Leadership skill is often mistaken to be as a management skill. There’s a vast difference. This isn’t easy to find even amongst the management. It requires both self-motivation and motivating others at the same time. 

Hope this motivated you to upgrade your career skills during this quarantine period. Hope you had a great time reading this post. What are you waiting for? Start upgrading!

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