When we talk about mobile development, Android comes on the top.

But why so??

Let’s take a look at this statement:


“Android platform covers more than 80% of market share in the mobile industry making it the biggest platform ever made.”

This clearly indicates the scope of android app development is way better than another platform such as iOS.

Now in this blog, we are going to discuss how anyone can make a career in android app development.  If you follow this, you can also be an android developer and get a good salary. There are a few things that we need to know:


  1. OOP (Object Oriented Programming)


The single most required thing when we talk about modern programming languages. When you have good knowledge of objects, classes and their features such as inheritance and polymorphism, the next step will be a cup of cake.


  1. Core Java


Now few of you may be thinking that we can also make apps in kotlin (which is second official programming language to make android apps), but kotlin is in the starting phase and that’s why there are fewer resources available on the internet to learn. So, start learning java and its concepts


  1. Android Studio


The single most widely used IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to make apps for Android. Get your hands on it and it will help you fasten the app making process.


  1. Android Libraries


There are a lot of new libraries that are introduced to boost your development in android and if you have knowledge of those libraries, then it will reduce your efforts and time and moreover LoC (Lines of code) gradually.


That’s it. Yes, these four steps and you will start making apps in android very easily.

But from where you will get knowledge of android libraries and other components of Android. There is a very simple answer to it


Training, Training, and Training…


Whether it is offline or online, training makes you an expert in that field. Now if we talk about one of the best training on android, then you can consider Azure Skynet Android App Development Program. They complete all aspects of android such as frameworks, components, and firebase.

Talking about another best online tutorial, you can consider for Cosmic Skills Android course prepared by Android expert.

Well, that’ all about How to make a career in Android App Development.


Happy Learning!