Training and Certification

Azure Skynet Solutions offers scheduled trainings to its customers at all levels, be it a workshop, project based training, project cum internship program or certification oriented programs. Whilst we deal in ever evolving IT industry technologies, our commitment is to surpass expectations of candidates in regard with the training quality as well as certifcation under the guidelines of the organization. 

Following are Certification led Training Programs at Azure Skynet Solutions;

Braintech Network & Cyber Security Championship; a scholarship competition under which the training mode is 2 day workshops. Sessions value a resourceful approach in learning for understanding of concepts and knowledge of implementation. A wider and valiant effort drafts students into a scholarship format where particpants are evaluated at certain levels to maximise potential. The holders of Braintech Network & Cyber Security Championsip are awarded an amount of INR 1 Lac by Azure Skynet Solutions while certifcations to Championship holders, finalists, participants and coordinators are done in accordance with associated organisations.

Project Based Training/ Project cum Intership Program; under this prescribed mode of training, core concept, practical implementation, project work and industrial exposure are derived into a lengthy period of training sessions. Ranging from 7 to 30 days training programs and 24-30 hours of training sessions, candidates work on live projects while experiencing the work in industry. Certifications of Project Based Training and Project cum Internship Program are delivered by Azure Skynet Solutions and associated organizations.

Cyber Security Expert Program/ASCEH L1 & L2 Certification; the interest of candidates in the field of Information Security and Cyber Security is utilized into this program. Azure Skynet Certified Ethical Hacker Level 1 & Level 2 certifications are adjoined with Cyber Security Expert Program. The complete course schedule is of 60 hours which covers modules of Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing. The training is focussed to build from basics to advances of the technology which includes several metrics to assess progress of a candidate during the entire program. ASCEH L1 & L2 certifications will enable candidates to apply for/join as Network Administrator, Security Analysts, Penetration Tester and Web/IT Security Administrator.  

Azure Skynet Solutions stands among leading service providers of IT Training to its customers. Seemingly, We maintain to serve our candidates with an outstanding approach to learning as well as reflecting their credentials with an apt certification policy.