Technical Awareness Initiative

Braintech Network & Cyber Security Championship is an initiative by Azure Skynet Solutions to widen the awareness of technical knowledge & implementation across India. This scholarship competition has reached out to 120+ science and engineering campuses facilitating more than 9,000 students in a short span of 1.5 years. 

Braintech Championship, started with focus to carry out awarenss programs in Networking and Cyber Security technologies. Henceforth, the format was structured to draw positive outcome at all levels. Executing events like seminars and workshops is the medium to connect students into our learning methodology while rewarding them for their achievements and contributions. This championship holds the opportunity to boost and flourish the development of one's abilitiy by growth in knowledge and

Braintech Process is conducted at 2 levels, zonal and final round. It involves science and engineering institutions as representatives of a zone, named as Zonal Center. Followed by promotion activities to inform students about the event, managing the required infrastructure to execute an event and registration of interested students. Seminar and Workshop on either Networking or Cyber Security is the last stage of the zonal round. Through an evaluation set-up, participants are selected to compete at Grand Finale or final round of Braintech Championship. At Grand Finale, selected winners from across the country are invited for a decider examination to determine Championship Holders and subsequently awarding a scholarship of upto INR 1 Lac.

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