Online/Distance Learning Program

Online Training or Web Based Training, often referred to as eLearning, mLearning & synchronous training is offered to browser equipped learners anytime and anywhere. It is a reform of instructional delivery system over the the internet or corporate intranet as classified into two primary models,  

Synchronous (instructor enabled) and 
Asynchronous (self directed)

For Web Based trainees, Azure Skynet Solutions offers delivery of instructions through learning portals, hyperlinked pages, threaded discussions, streaming audio/video, desktop video conferencing, and live web broadcasts. Courses offered for online training are designed to guide through information and coursework to perform better at specified tasks. The course material and content are provided along with live interactions for smooth learning through instructor enabled model.

Distance Learning Program brings a way of learning without being in regular face-to-face contact with an instructor. In recent times, this form of learning has stood out as an alternative to traditional education with goals to encourage degree/certicfication granting programs. 

Azure Skynet Solutions offers its certification programs to engaged students and professionals. Access to learning materials and tutorial support through virtual learning environment enables learners to support their educational priorities. It is cost effecient, available on demand  and does not require travel;a perfect solution to the needs of independent and self-motivated learners.

The follwing courses can be availed for Online Training & Distance Learning Program at Azure Skynet Solutions:  

1. Ethical Hacking,
2. Networking-CCNA.

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